Private Network For Companies

Turn you favorite places into your branch office

The Private Space is your own global network. You choose where its internet gateway is to fit your business needs.

Trusted encryption technologies. Device connection keys instead of passwords to comply with the most stringent security requirements.

Protect Wi-Fi Connections

When connected, all your data is encrypted. The Private Space gives you a privacy cloak against "Death Eaters".

Your own network within internet

Each Private Space is a completely separate encrypted network within the internet. The private space per customer, not per country.

Beyond Passwords

Entry to The Private Space is with a special key. It creates a new secret each time you connect. This gives you an ultimate security and compliance.

from insecure WiFi

local network for connected devices

access to services inside your office

private place to share documents 

hub for private instant messaging

beyond passwords for security compliance

Your private network

The Private Space is your own private network in the cloud. It is hidden from all but friends or colleagues you invite to it. 

Work securely everywhere

It protects your data when you use insecure Wi-Fi networks. It even provides anonymity as no-one can see which cloud services you use. 

File sharing and chat

Its version Office provides a secure storage for your documents, photos, files. That includes a private chat, which automatically shows everyone available in your Private Space. 

Ultimate security without passwords 

Forget passwords, logging to The Private Space is much more secure than passwords and once in, we provide seamless login to the file storage and chat (instant messaging).

“Connecting to The Private Space is like entering a room only you have the keys."

Start your 14 days’ free trial now

Private Network

Connect with your team, secure your connection

  • 2 weeks trial - no card,
    just email address

  •  Unlimited data
  •  Fully automated launch
  •  Add devices with "1-click"
  •  Use BYOD and laptops for secure access
  •  Set links to up to 10 local services
  •  List of connected users and traffic data
  •  OpenVPN security with AES256
  •  Keys created in secure hardware (CloudHSM)
  •  Instant access removal for stolen / lost devices

Cloud Office

Private messaging, file storage

  •  (note: 24 hours to launch) 
    2 weeks trial - no card,
    just email address

  •  Unlimited data
  •  Fully automated launch
  •  Add devices with "1-click"
  •  Use BYOD and laptops for secure access
  •  Set links to up to 10 local services
  •  List of connected users and traffic data
  •  OpenVPN security with AES256
  •  Keys created in secure hardware (CloudHSM)
  •  Instant access removal for stolen / lost devices
  •  File access over web and mounted drives
  •  Private instant messaging
  •  100GB storage

On Premise

Host it yourself, we will provide support

  • All features of “Cloud Office"
  • 1U rack appliance
  • HSM included in the appliance
  • Typical lead time 6 weeks
  • Essential install support included
  • Support quotation upon request
  • Remote monitoring included

Launching your Private Space

Each Private Space is a completely independent private cloud and its launch is described in our “How is your Private Space launched” article. You will receive detailed information via emails but the overall process is simple and consists of the following steps.  

Whoever launches a new Private Space becomes its administrator and manages device access to The Private Space. More at

How The Private Space Works

Warping the cyberspace to bring you closer

Each Private Space creates a completely independent security and privacy cloak, which makes the internet around invisible.

There is just your laptop and the center of your Private Space and your team. Everything else disappears behind a secure worm hole. 

Locking it all down

Connections to the Private Space are secured with keys. The keys provide much better security than the best of passwords.

Keys are created with a cloud key management system, with a robust physical security protecting its secrets. This "lock and key" in the cloud has independent security evaluations (FIPS140-2 Level 3, EAL5+) as the basis for your trust. Just these evaluations cost hundreds of thousands of $US to obtain. 

Stay On Top Of The Regulation

Data protection is here to stay for a reason

The data protection legal framework is expanding. European Union introduces GDPR that applies to all who offer services EU citizens and handle their data. Regardless of where your company is based, you will have to comply with this regulation from May 2018.

The Private Space significantly simplifies compliance by its design. Strong authentication, access keys protected by secure hardware, all access through a secure gateway allowing content filtering, antivirus protection, and so on. 

HIPAA - protection of medical information in the USA, SOX - support for protection mechanisms preventing accounting errors, fraud, PCI - security of payment card transactions, ISO27001 - implement your IT management controls. 

Remote access to your office

Connect your laptops and smart phones to your office securely from anywhere.

Create virtual office

Create your own virtual office to share your documents and talk to your team.

Secure your connection

Connect your devices to the internet securely via insecure networks like Wi-Fi.

Your Global Virtual Office

Public cloud or your trusted hosting

Each Private Space has its own HQ - a dedicated server, which controls access to its virtual space and provides a secure shared space.

Implementation of Private Spaces is not dependent on any particular cloud environment. If you have a trusted platform, an IT support company, or customers who trust you, we can help integrate Private Spaces on your servers.

Security of your access keys is profound and so we added an extra layer of protection to protect if from malicious attacks.

This separation of key management from data encryption between Enigma Bridge and your favorite hosting provider provides an additional time and mechanisms to detect attacks and restore security of The Private Space if need be.

Verified Technology and "Lock and Key"

Each Private Space is an independent private network with its own server and a key “cutting" system.

The design is built on two main principles. Use of stable, secure technologies with a large user base and a separation of data from key management.

Access to The Private Space is only allowed with a valid key. The keys provide significantly better security than passwords and you don’t have to remember them. You will get a new key for each device you want to use.

If you lose your smartphone, or a computer gets stolen, the administrator of your Private Space can immediately disable the device’s key and keep your Private Space secure from intruders.

Key management is the crucial aspect of ensuring your security and privacy. We use "secure computers" to protect your keys. These computers are your lock and key in the cloud with independent security validations. 


Once connected to your Private Space, you maximize security and privacy of your Internet use. Whether you use Facebook, Google, or connect to your blog, others can only see you’re connecting to your Private Space.

Connect with any Wi-Fi and keep maximum security for your data and privacy for your online habits.

Keys and connections

The security of your Private Space depends on the security of connection keys. We create the keys with our CloudHSMs. CloudHSMs are independent on your Private Space. This prevents single points of failure compromising your security.  

We put a lot of effort into securing keys. No lock-picking or duplicate keys to your Private Space is tolerated.

Data security

Your data security depends on many aspects. We always make sure that data in-transit (between your devices and Private Space) are secure. We also enforce access control inside your Private Space.

The Office Private Space includes secure file sharing and instant messaging with nextCloud.


Instances of Private Spaces can be launched on CentOS or Ubuntu Linux distributions.

The question of hosting is an important factor for customers trust and we can help integrating Private Spaces to your servers.

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